About me

Simone Castelli


It was a cold winter in 1980 when Simone was born in Milan.

From the first hours shines through him the missing link between the man and the primates due to his thick hair.

The years pass and its beauty increases. The kindergarten companions compete to be close to him and many just pass away from the emotion as he passes.

At only 5 years his parents send him to school where the severe teacher Mrs. Seveso serves him slaps on his hands and to acrobatic notebooks throws, but all in all he comes out unharmed.

The first approaches to religion are not holy at all… At first communion he tries to remove a finger to the priest with a bite. The agnostic way will occur in the following years.

At 11 years old the dream of a life finally comes true, during a trip to Finland he met Santa Claus…well… HE EXISTS!

It begins to grow, in his puberty age, a certain interest in the building construction area, with the cousins he builds a huge tree house. So he decides to enroll in a technical high school for building construction with the desire to pursue his father’s footsteps.

At the age of 18 he obtained his diploma and with it he abandoned his father’s footsteps and tried the test for computer engineering that passed without problems. The academic studies instead do not go so well and after a year decides to leave and enrolls in “communication and media” with the dream to work in a radio one day.

During his studies he found the time to do some internship in the television field and work in a small local radio that will take him for a few years to be a DJ for some clubs in Milan.

In 2003 after four years of study, one of which in London, he obtained his BA in Communication and Media with a major in Mass Communication and Broadcasting at the European School of Economics.

The dream of working in radio fades, but finds its way excellently in the television field first at Mediaset then in other broadcasters such as La7 and other various production companies.

In 2011 he moved from the foggy Po valley to the sunniest Roman soils, where in addition to television, he began to work for film productions, events and shows at an amusement park.

The last few years have been passed to put into practice everything learnt in the last 15 years, becoming Operation and Facility Manager in temporary locations for events.