what I like to do

Simone Castelli



For years a two-wheeler enthusiast I have to wait for my first salary to be able to buy one. My little girl and I have now travelled 90,000 km around Europe.

Passion that goes hand in hand with that for the two wheels, but that often departs from it. Visiting the world and opening up to new cultures…every time a new discovery.
My passion for photography has been passed on to me by my father since I was little. He is an enthusiast of this visual art and experienced home developer.

The passion for music led me in 2009 to found, in collaboration with three friends, the site SpazioRock.it now a point of reference for many fans of the genre.

The interest in computer science has always been part of my life and has led me to develop a certain experience that has been very useful to me in my work.
Even this passion transmitted by my father. From an early age I spent hours with him to assemble all sorts of objects.
Playing a character in a fantasy world, for many a simple game, for others a tool to feed their imagination and cunning, but in the end are always up to the dice to decide.
I attained the PADI Advanced Patent by a long time now and when I can I do not miss the opportunity to take a dip in the blue of the sea.
A sport that has always fascinated me, but which I only approached in 2003. After a course organized by the team Ares Milano, together with other guys, we start an amateur team: the “Blue Rivers”. After two seasons I was forced to abandon due to work commitments.
Other than gym, the only real sport to lose weight and stay in shape is running. For years I practiced at semi-competitive levels. Now it’s just amateur.
A winter sport that I always practice with pleasure although rarely but I never lose my qualities.
The mountain can give emotions in winter as in summer with long walks at high altitude.